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Meet Scott

Scott M. Richter

Scott M. Richter, the principal of Law Offices of Scott M. Richter, APC, has extensive litigation and transactional experience and is licensed to practice law in both California and Florida.  Since 1989, Scott has represented clients in a wide array of litigation matters ranging from commercial and entertainment cases to personal injury, probate, family law, civil harassment and DUI’s. Scott’s practice has also included transactional work, including the negotiation of employment agreements and other contracts for numerous clients including writers, actors and other performers.  The fact that Scott’s practice is largely referral based is a testament to the outstanding, personalized “concierge” service that he provides to both large and small clients alike.


  • Scott was a Godsend to me and my family, helping us through one of the darkest, most difficult time of our lives.  His compassion, empathy, patience, professionalism and friendship, truly carried us.

    Carlos P.

  • Scott is a great attorney who handled my case swiftly and professionally. I got the outcome I wanted, with very little time taken away from my own schedule which doesn't always happen with any lawsuit. I would happily recommend him to any friends, family or colleagues.

    Romi S.

  • Scott has represented me legally on several occasions and I can't recommend him enough. The parties on the other side were also impressed by him which made negotiations easy and smooth. Scott is easy to talk to and lays things out in a detailed, yet clear and simple manner. He's friendly and open and yet tenacious and smart... a combination of qualities that are hard to find in an attorney.

    Samantha L.